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Ningbo EverLIFT including hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck , electric stackers, forklift truck, aerial working platform etc.

What is EverLIFT Forklift

EverLIFT Forklift is renowned for its exceptional performance and high-quality manufacturing craftsmanship. Customers can confidently choose EverLIFT Forklift, trusting that its forklifts can meet efficient and reliable operational needs, reducing maintenance costs and improving productivity.
We look safety in advanced position, all of our Forklift are confirmed to CE Standards and ISO Processing. We ensure the safety begin from the designing to the end.(DQA: Design Quality Assurance), then raw material checking (IQC: Incoming Quality Control), later iPQC-In Process Quality Control), also the FQC:-Final Quality Control. in this way, we provide products with nice image and durable quality.
EverLIFT Forklift's product line covers internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, and liquefied petroleum gas forklifts, suitable for various work scenarios and environments, including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and construction sites. Customers can choose the appropriate model and specifications of EverLIFT Forklift to meet different work requirements.
When making material handling equipment decisions, customers look for high durability with reasonable pricing we offer both. Here at EverLIFT, we are committed to helping our customers being as competitive as possible by offering the best value in the industry and guarantee our products with a 12 month warranty.
Let us guide you through 6 simple steps
We will help you find the best forklift for your business, with the help of the following steps:

Load handling 
Load carrier 
OEM& ODM Service

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EverLIFT Forklift Using Area

Warehousing & Logistics Centers

Transport, loading, unloading, and organization of goods.

Manufacturing Industry

Transporting materials to support production.

Retail Industry

Handling goods and fulfilling orders for stores and wholesalers.

Construction Sites

Transporting building materials like steel bars, bricks, and cement.


Transporting and stacking agricultural products, feed, fertilizers, etc.

Ports & Freight Terminals

Loading, unloading, and organizing cargo, containers in yards.

Featured EverLIFT Forklift

We look to safety in an advanced position, all of our products are confirmed to CE Standards and ISO Processing. We Ensure that safety begins from the design to the end.
Electric Forklift
Model: FB20E
Power type:Lead-acid battery 60V210Ah
Rated capacity:2000kg
Load center:500mm
Lifting height :3m 2-stage mast
Fork size(LxWxT):40*122*1070mm
Tyre :solid tyres 2*2
Operator Type:SEATED
Overhead guard height:2110mm
Truck body length(fork excluded): 2135mm
Truck body width: 1096mm
Service mass(with battery): 2710kg
Diesel Forklift
-Model: FD30
-Rated capacity:3000kg
-Loading center:500mm
-Max. Lifting Height :4.5m 3 stage mast with full free
-fork Length: 1070*125*45mm
-Overall Dimensions:2710*1225*2190MM
-Min. turning radius:2500mm
-with side shift
-XINCHANG C490BPG engine
-Weight :4120 KG
LPG Forklift
-Load Capacity:2500kg
-Load center: 500mm
-Lifting height: 5000mm with 3-stage mast
-Fork Height, lowered:130mm
-Fork size:1070X130X50mm
-Total length:2576mm
-Overall width:1160mm
-Overhead guard height:2070mm
-Min. Turning radius:2060mm
-Operator type:Drive in seat
-Quantity of wheels :2 X / 2
-Type of tyres:Penumatic tires
-Driving Brake:hydraumatic pedal 
-Parking Brake:Mechanical manual 
-Engine: Guangqing GQ-4Y
-Total weight:3320kg
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FAQ for EverLIFT Forklift

  • Q Are EverLIFT forklifts suitable for use in airports?

    A Everlift forklifts can be used in airports for cargo handling and maintenance tasks.
  • Q Can EverLIFT forklifts be used in military applications?

    A Yes, Everlift forklifts can be used in military applications for logistics support.
  • Q Can EverLIFT forklifts be used in military applications?

    A Yes, Everlift forklifts can be used in military applications for logistics support.
  • Q Do EverLIFT forklifts have enclosed cabs for operator comfort?

    A Some Everlift forklifts come with enclosed cabs for operator comfort and protection.
  • Q Yes, Everlift forklifts can be used in automotive plants for material handling tasks.

    A Yes, Everlift forklifts can be used in pharmaceutical facilities for material handling tasks.

Why Choose EverLIFT

One Stop Solution

We provide: Working Platfom Forkdit Warehouse Equipment and Other material handling eqipments. Besides we also provide OEM and ODM service for you.

Quality Assurance

All af our products are manufactured underthe stringent ISO 9001 and CE quality assurance standards.

After Sale

We offer highly durable andreasonably priced productswith a 12-month warranty. Spare parts are available within 10 years by ERP systems.


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