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Electric Forklift

Electric drive system: Including motor, transmission system and controller, used to provide power for electric forklifts.
Fork arms and fork heads: The parts used to lift and carry cargo, usually made of high-strength steel.
Hydraulic system: used to control the lifting and tilting of the fork arm to ensure stable handling of goods.
Chassis and Frame: Form the basic structure of a forklift, supporting and connecting all other components.

Electric Stacker

Electric drive system: Also includes the motor, transmission system and controller to provide power for the stacker.
Hydraulic system: used to lift goods and ensure the stability of goods during stacking.
Forks and Forks: Used to support and move cargo, often with adjustments to accommodate different cargo sizes.
Chassis and frame: constitute the basic structure of the stacker.

Electric Pallet Truck

Electric Drive System: Powers the pallet truck with a motor, transmission system, and controller.
Pallet: A sturdy platform for supporting and moving goods.
Hydraulic System: Some trucks feature a hydraulic system for cargo lifting and lowering.
Chassis and Frame: The foundational structure supporting all components.
The equipment's performance relies on top-notch electric drive systems, reliable hydraulics, and robust construction for smooth operation.
Ningbo EverLIFT Machinery Co., ltd. is a Hi-Tech enterprise involving in research, manufacture and marketing. Our main products are various kinds of materials handling equipments including hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck , electric stackers, forklift truck, aerial working platform and so on. Ever since the group was founded, we have developed more than three manufacturing branches in China. With advanced management and strong technical innovative strength, we are tops among OEM manufactures throughout China. We have brought our products to more than 100 countries and established sales/service sites in many area like Asia, Australia, Europe and America, Middle East etc.​​​​​​​



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