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Ningbo EverLIFT Machinery Co.,ltd.
Ningbo EverLIFT including hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck , electric stackers, forklift truck, aerial working platform etc.

What is EverLIFT

Ningbo EverLIFT Machinery Co, ltd, is a H Tech enterprise involving in research manufacture and marketing.
Our main products are various kinds of materials handling equipments including hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck , electric stackers, forklift truck, aerial working platform and so on. Ever since the group was founded, we have developed more than three manufacturing branches in China. With advanced management and strong technical innovative strength, we are tops among OEM manufactures throughout China. We have brought our products to more than 100 countries and established sales/service sites in many area like Asia, Australia, Europe and America, Middle East etc.

Core Components

EverLIFT's proprietary technology and patented inventions, including precision gear testers and comprehensive testers, ensure high-quality components. Computer simulations test stability, noise, and mechanical properties for operational performance.

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Featured EverLIFT Machinery

1. High-power and high-performance lifting pump has high efficiency
2. Side driving design gives the truck a small steering radius and broaden view
3. The driving system with permanent magnetic motor has small volume, lightmass, small loss
4. Water-proof inching switch imported from German meets the requirements if harsh working condition such as cold, humidty and dust circumstances
5. Four colors LED electricity meter makes it simple and direct to read
6. External positioned charger has better cooling performance
7. It's more comfortable and easy for operation using a super long handle that integrates lifting button, key switch, electricity meter, which is suitable for ergonomics, more accurate speed control with the turtle speed switch, more durable with the high quality air-pressure springs which allows slowly and automatically reset
8. Iron steel guard with high density is durable, firm and has high protection effect
9. Maintenance free battery
1. Limited budget meet for customer's basic requirement
2.Solid tyre
3.Wide view mast, make a broader perspective
4.Strong mast ensure safety and efficiency handling
Portable lithium battery. Small turning radius.
Electric Drive System: Powers the pallet truck with a motor, transmission system, and controller.
Pallet: A sturdy platform for supporting and moving goods.
Hydraulic System: Some trucks feature a hydraulic system for cargo lifting and lowering.
Chassis and Frame: The foundational structure supporting all components.
The equipment's performance relies on top-notch electric drive systems, reliable hydraulics, and robust construction for smooth operation.
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FAQ for EverLIFT Machinery

  • Q Can an Everlift pallet truck be used in pharmaceutical facilities?

    A Everlift pallet trucks can be used in pharmaceutical facilities with proper sanitation and safety measures in place.
  • Q Can an Everlift pallet truck be operated in confined spaces?

    A Everlift pallet trucks should not be operated in confined spaces without proper ventilation and safety precautions.
  • Q How do I report a problem with an Everlift pallet truck?

    A  Problems with an Everlift pallet truck should be reported to the manufacturer or authorized service provider for assistance.
  • Q Can an Everlift pallet truck be used to transport fragile goods?

    A Everlift pallet trucks should be used with caution when transporting fragile goods to prevent damage.
  • Q How do I train employees to safely operate an Everlift pallet truck?

    A Operators should receive training on safe operation of Everlift pallet trucks to ensure compliance with regulations.

Why Choose EverLIFT

One Stop Solution

We provide: Working Platfom Forkdit Warehouse Equipment and Other material handling eqipments. Besides we also provide OEM and ODM service for you.

Quality Assurance

All af our products are manufactured underthe stringent ISO 9001 and CE quality assurance standards.

After Sale

We offer highly durable andreasonably priced productswith a 12-month warranty. Spare parts are available within 10 years by ERP systems.


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