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EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK:The Ideal Choice for Efficient Warehouse Logistics

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Everlift Seated Electric Reach Truck

Technical Features

1. Flexible Operation

The EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK utilizes an advanced steering system, enabling the equipment to maneuver flexibly within narrow aisles. This greatly enhances the utilization of warehouse space, making it particularly suitable for high-density storage environments.

2. High Stability

The design of the equipment emphasizes balance, featuring a high-strength frame and precise center-of-gravity control system. It maintains excellent stability even during highlevel operations, ensuring safety.

3. Ergonomic Design

Operator comfort is a key consideration in EVERLIFT’s design. The spacious and comfortable cabin, ergonomic seat, convenient control handles, and good visibility make long-term operation easier and less tiring.

4. Powerful Lifting Capacity

The EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK boasts powerful lifting capabilities, easily handling various heavy goods. Its efficient battery system ensures long-lasting endurance, reducing the hassle of frequent charging.

Application Scenarios

The EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK is widely used in various warehousing and logistics scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Large Warehouses: Efficient handling and stacking, optimizing storage space.

  • Distribution Centers: Fast transfer of goods, improving logistics efficiency.

  • Production Workshops: Efficient material transportation, ensuring continuous production line operation.

User Feedback

1. Flexible Operation

"The EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK performs excellently in our warehouse. It’s very flexible to operate, especially in narrow aisles, much better than the equipment we used before." ——Manager of a large e-commerce warehouse

2. High Stability

"Stability is crucial when stacking goods at high levels. The EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK gives us great confidence, and our operators find it safe and reliable." ——Logistics supervisor of a manufacturing company

3. Ergonomic Design

"Operators report that the cabin design is very user-friendly, with comfortable seats and easy-to-use control handles. Long-term operation doesn’t feel tiring." ——Head of storage for a large supermarket

After-Sales Service

EVERLIFT not only provides high-quality equipment but also offers comprehensive after-sales service. Everlift offers the after-sales team responsive and professional, ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment.


With its outstanding performance and design, the EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK is undoubtedly the ideal choice in the field of warehouse logistics. Whether it’s efficient operation, stable performance, or thoughtful ergonomic design, it has earned widespread praise in the market. If you are looking for a high-efficiency and reliable reach truck, the EVERLIFT REACH TRUCK is definitely worth considering.





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